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The Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute meets annually at the beautiful Sequoyah State Park and Lodge in northeastern Oklahoma. Located just 54 miles east of Tulsa, Oklahoma on beautiful Fort Gibson Reservoir, Sequoyah Lodge sits in the 2,853 acre Sequoyah State Park.

Sequoyah State Park and Lodge
19808 Park 10
Hulbert, OK 7444
To Make Your Reservations Please Call
(918) 772-2545 or (800)368-1486

For more information about Sequoyah State Park and Lodge, please visit the Official Sequoyah State Park website.  Reservations may only be made by phone.

The Lodge at Sequoyah State Park offers a variety of rates and plans for your stay at the Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute.  Tax exempt prices will be honored with a tax exempt form at check-in. Tax rate is 6.25%.


Camping Reservation  



The President-Elect along with the Board of Directors and the Education Board of Regents have completed an exciting schedule for the 68th Annual Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute.

Most sessions are eligible for CEUs.

DOWNLOAD Session Proposal Form


Renewable Student Scholarships

Student scholarships are awarded to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students preparing for a career in the park and recreation profession. The scholarships are a cash award ($1,000 for Undergraduate Student and $1,500 Graduate Student) that are presented to the respective universities in the spring semester for use by the recipient. In addition to the cash award, the Institute provides registration along with room and board for the recipient to attend the Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute in early February. Three undergrad and one graduate scholarship will be awarded.  This scholarship is now renewable and can be received more than once.

The application period begins March and extends through May 1. Scholarship applications are transmitted to universities within the eight-state region of the SWPRTI network. Included in this network are those universities and colleges that offer Parks and Recreation degree program or related degree that directly impacts the parks and recreation profession.

For questions, contact Greg Snider at or Carrie Rush at

Download 2023 SWPRTI Scholarship Application Document

Professional Training Grant

For individuals currently working in the Park and Recreation industry, the professional training grant offers the opportunity to attend the Institute at no expense except travel.
The grant covers the cost of registration, with room and board, for the entire Institute training conference. In return, each recipient will be assigned to a committee during the Institute for four (4) hours to help out with various duties and other networking opportunities.
The timeline to apply for this is the same as the scholarship.

For questions…Contact Greg Snider at or Carrie Rush at

Download 2024 SWPRTI Professional Grant Application


Sunday, February4, 2024

After Brag Night – Meet and Greet Fun 

Monday, February 5, 2024

5:30p.m. Fun Run – After sitting all day come out and join us for the annual fun run/walk.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Following Dinner: Annual SWPRTI Auction –  Bring your pocket book and help support SWPRTI. All money collected goes back to SWPRTI 100%.

Tuesday, February6, 2024

Following the Banquet: Band – come dance or just enjoy the music


Brag Night – Sunday evening after dinner

Brag Night is unique to the Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute. It is an informal evening session designed to allow anyone attending the conference an opportunity to share ideas, programs, and experiences with their peers.

Participants are encouraged to display or communicate their experience with an audience, in other words, “bragging” on their ideas, programs and experiences!

All presentations are placed in one of the following categories so that the TOMA Award may be awarded to the highest rated presentation in each category.

Creative Project

  • This category may be from 5 to 10 minutes long
  • Includes topics such as;
    • Construction projects
    • Site Improvements
    • Park updates or installations
    • Irrigation systems, or any project (large or small) that you are proud of
  • This presentation may be a video and/or slides with narration
    • Videos are to be in-house productions.

Innovative Program

  • Presentations should be 5 to 15 minutes long
  • This category will address such topics as:
    • Innovative maintenance programs or techniques
    • Creative funding strategies
    • Recreation programs
    • any program that you have put together and want to share with the Institute
  • This presentation may be a video and/or slides with narration
    • Videos are to be in-house productions.

PSA / Promotional

  • Presentations should be 1-10 minutes long
  • This category is for public service announcements (PSA’s) and promotional videos
  • These presentations may consist of anything that you want to promote or announce such as:
    • A new water parks
    • Festivals
    • Public functions
    • Zoos
    • Track meets
    • Composting
    • Recycling
    • Anything else you wish to promote

Any question regarding Brag Night should be directed to Rick Ewing, Brag Night Chair,  at


Brag Night will be held on Sunday night of the conference, following dinner.  Refreshments will be served at Brag Night.

Participants should pre-register when signing into the conference as you arrive.  There will be a registration form for the participants located at the conference Registration Table.  Participants are asked to complete this form so the Brag Night Chair can better schedule times for presentations.


Participants should furnish the necessary equipment for their presentations, except for the microphone, sound equipment and projector, which are normally furnished by the Institute.


Committee will designate representative who will judge all presentations.  Further explanation of the judging will be done at the opening of the Brag Night session.


Presentations of award for each category’s winner will be made at the annual banquet on Tuesday evening.  The TOMA Award, which is a traveling trophy, will be presented as well as a plaque for you to keep for years to come.


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